Period 2: The Cold War (Nixon to Reagan)

See Period 2: The Cold War (Truman to Johnson) for further information
The World's GREATEST Revolution!
The Era of the DETENTE!


For your reference, a timeline: 

Period 4's cold war timeline cold war time line.doc


What Was The Cold War?:


In diplomatic terms there are THREE types of war:   

Hot War

Actual warfare. All attempts at discussion have failed and warfare is now physical. 

Warm War

Discussion still ongoing. There is still an opportunity for a peaceful outcome, but armie s, navies, etc. are being fully mobilised and war plans are being put into operation, awaiting the command to fight.

 *Cold War

The tense, almost-warring relationship between America and the Soviet Union between 1945 and 1980. Neither side ever outright fought the other - the consequences would be too appalling - but they did "fight" for their beliefs through the use of "client states," which fought respectively for America and the Soviet Union on their behalf.

^  :

PEOPLE OF THE COLD WAR (ppt of events & people)

People cold war.ppt

Why Did the Cold War happen?:


The Hungarian Revolution:


The Cuban Revolution:


What Was Going on in America during the Cold War?:

^see textbook for further information. much of the above information is drawn from the textbook

Presidential Foreign Policy:

Berlin Wall:

1969 SALT

More Salt information :

v On November 17, the first phase of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks began in Finland.

v The talks focused on limiting the two countries' stocks of nuclear weapons

v The finished agreement, signed in Moscow on May 26, 1972, placed limits on both submarine-launched and intercontinental nuclear missiles.

v Nixon and General Secretary Brezhnev signed the ABM Treaty and the Interim Agreement on strategic offensive arms. 


NATO and the Warsaw Pact

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